Our Why

Toddler on park slide

Every great experience that connects us all starts in the same place.

Where we choose to work, how we raise our families, the friends we surround ourselves with, and even the belief systems we hold to. This one continuous thread stitches its way through the fiber of our beings into the connecting tapestries of our lives.

It’s our why.

The reason behind what drives us to be who we are and accomplish the things we do. Discovering our why is the foundation of determining how to interact with our passions and turn those passions into real and tangible elements of our days.

At Centra, our why… is you. Because of you, we are recommitting ourselves to doing everything we can to serve you well and honor our commitment to you.

Every day we come to work we are humbled and driven by our position to help you in your times of greatest need.

It is why we’re here.

You are why this community is our home. You’re why we’re up early in the morning. You’re why we stay up late at night

You are why we do all we do.

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