Light up the Night for Health Care Heroes

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For everyone that has driven by a home in a holiday season and seen windows lit up with lights and candles, there is a certain feeling it evokes. Warmth, invitation, perhaps the reflection of quiet and simpler times. Nearly always, it causes us to slow down a little and take note of the decoration and the tradition behind it.

The tradition of lights in the windows here in America dates back several centuries to colonial times. And, while there are several historical references for this practice, some of religious nature and some of community focus, one simple thread of commonality runs through all the traditions. Lights or candles were placed in windows to show a spirit of warmth, acceptance, and invitation to travelers, community members, and friends and family. Windows were set ablaze with lights in homes that were open to people that needed rest or support in weary days.

We are now in the midst of an unprecedented time in our country. Questions, fears, doubts…are all feelings that have become synonymous to our days. It’s difficult sometimes in the unknown to hold onto hope when the days feel long, and the questions are more prevalent than the answers. The dark can feel overwhelming and the temptation to isolate ourselves in our spirits and judgments is strong when we are already asked to isolate in our physical contact.

As social distancing and disease prevention measures have rightfully been implemented during this time, it weighs heavy on the human spirit. We find ourselves passing judgment out of fear and doubt as we interact with people — even from a distance. As we seek to stay protected, we sometimes disregard the feelings of those who dive headfirst into the fight against an unknown intruder in the form of a pandemic.

These brave healthcare workers show up each and every day, sacrificing time with family and friends, and exposing themselves to contagions they can’t even see in a tangible manner. Each day, they don their scrubs, their masks, and additional personal protective equipment to continue caring for their neighbors without a second thought. They’ve taken an oath to protect and heal, and they don’t take that lightly.

As a show of hope and support, we would like to invite you to join us in honoring these brave men and women serving during this time by lighting your windows or your doors with Christmas lights, or candles. A literal light in the darkness, we feel like this show of solidarity and hope would speak volumes to the members of our community who are serving in a healthcare capacity. At our hospital systems, practices, and collaborative healthcare facilities across the region — these are our everyday heroes, and we’d like to honor them during this time.

If you’d like to join us by lighting up hope, please decorate a window or door of your home or business and send us pictures of support at Together, we can inspire warmth, acceptance, and invitation during a dark time and remind each other that these little things are making a big difference in the scope of this fight.

Will you join us?

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