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Four young adults in covid masks

With the constantly changing status of things that are open or not due to Covid, people have made the best of the situation when they can’t celebrate together. Here, a recent New Covenant School grad celebrates with a monogrammed mask that matched some of her friends’ masks for the occasion.

If you’ve been anywhere out in the community in recent months, you know that mask wearing is not just strongly encouraged — it is now required in businesses and public places of interaction. These months of the pandemic and all the situations that surround us in this new Covid-19 way of life have been challenging to say the least.

We know that life as we knew it is no more. Entire ways of interaction with our peers, our neighbors, and even our families have changed drastically. And, while there has been much debate about the necessity and effectiveness of wearing a mask, the truth of the matter is that it is required in our new social norms.

As your hometown healthcare organization, it is our desire now and always to partner with you to live your best life. And, let’s be honest…these months haven’t always felt like our best life. They’ve been stressful and chaotic. We’ve questioned our next steps as a community, state, and country. We’ve wondered what is safe and what isn’t. We’ve cried for things to return to “normal” in some form or fashion. It’s exhausting, and we understand that and stand with you in those sentiments.

We also stand with the sentiments of the CDC and other healthcare officials, as well as local governing authorities, on the stance of mask wearing. It’s one more step we can all take to help protect our communities and continue to combat the spread of this virus. We know that masks are not comfortable or convenient. We know they feel cumbersome to our everyday activities. But, we love seeing how people are embracing this new normal and even making it fun!

That’s why we’d like to invite you to join our Centra MASKerade! We’ve seen so many creative masks and fun ways to cover your face safely in this new journey, and we’d love to share them with our community. Show us your masks as you engage in your new normal — at the store, in meetings, at your workplace — wherever you are wearing your favorite mask! Have a cool design you want to show off? Have coordinated masks with family members or friends? We want to see them!

Simply post your picture of you appropriately donned mask and tag “@centrahealth” on Instagram or “@Centra” on Facebook and use the hashtag, “#CentraMASKerade” and your picture could be featured on our social channels! We can’t wait to see your creativity and how you are choosing to make the best of our new normal.

Will you join us in our MASKerade?

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