Introducing Centra Scripts

Centra team working on podcast planning

It’s a new year for healthcare. A new decade, and the ushering in of a fresh start. We are expanding our platforms for communication and education with you, our surrounding communities and patient base. A new podcast focusing on health and wellness and practical tips for everyday life just launched in January and we are so excited!

“Our health system traditionally has been built on reacting to illness and disease and doing our best to treat disease once it’s identified. And, thankfully, what has really been recognized is that our nation’s healthcare system has become expensive and hasn’t really had the global outcomes that others have seen. So, that transition of reacting to disease to truly promoting wellness in many ways has thankfully become the focus for healthcare,” Dr. Chris Thomson, Centra’s Chief Medical Officer explained. Dr. Thomson and podcast host, Kate Kolb, discussed the elements and importance of this health and wellness education and communication in the intro podcast.

“As a society, we are so busy, and podcasts are a great way to engage with this content,” explained Dr. Thomson, “People can listen in their cars, and still do other things and continue to take in information.”

“We are very excited to see where this goes and get it up off the ground,” said Ms. Kolb, “To continue to have an open dialogue with our patients and the communities surrounding us, and to really start to have those conversations about wellness — what does that mean when you’re a large healthcare system? How do you react and interact with that well?”

We have a wealth of subject matter experts already serving within our many facilities and the opportunity to bring that unique level of expertise to a medium that connects on a personal level with our neighbors, co-workers, patients, and staff is something that hasn’t been offered before.

Currently, the plan is to publish two episodes a month going forward with topics surrounding wellness and health education that can be practically applied by the listener, no matter your demographic. This platform will continue to open communication between the hospital system and those who interact with it and hopefully continue to bridge the gap between provider and patient, staff, and community.

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